As Big Pharma races to develop a COVID-19 vaccine that could save millions of lives globally, nearly 1 in 5 Americans are saying they won’t get vaccinated if and when it arrives.

According to a YouGov-Yahoo News joint poll, only 55% of Americans responded “Yes” when asked whether they would take the critical public safety step. Of the other 45%, 19% responded “No,” and 26% said they weren’t sure.
輿觀調查網和Yahoo News聯合進行的投票顯示,被問及是否會采取這一關鍵的公共安全措施時,只有55%的美國人給出了肯定的回答,剩余的45%中有19%的人回答“不會”,還有26%的人說不確定。

Given that much of the conversation around coronavirus containment measures (including devastating social distancing guidelines that have torn families apart and disastrous shutdowns that have put 33 million people out of work) is structured around that glorious, pivotal future point at which a vaccine is finally achieved, this news hits like a sack of bricks and has us wondering what we’ve all been doing these past few months. Obviously, vaccines won’t change anything unless people go out and get them.

Nineteen percent of Americans equates to 62 million people. With tens of millions of uninoculated, possible coronavirus carriers freely roaming the U.S.—and beyond its borders, efforts to contain COVID-19 could be completely undermined not just in our country, but in ones more ill-equipped to handle the disease (think Bangladesh, Venezuela, South Sudan).

However, as Yahoo News pointed out, a January Gallup poll showed that 84% of Americans said vaccinating children, in general terms, was “important,” so the number that would get COVID-19 vaccines could increase as vaccine prospects—which are being fast-tracked through a typically multiyear process—are proven safe and effective.
但是,Yahoo News曾指出,蓋洛普咨詢公司一月份的民調顯示有84%的美國人說總體上來說,給兒童接種疫苗“很重要”,所以如果經過多年的快速追蹤,證明疫苗安全有效的話,接種新冠疫苗的人數會有所增加。

However, the Gallup poll also noted that 84% of Americans is down from 94% of Americans in 2001, illustrating an unsettling trend as the anti-vaxxing movement has gained momentum over the past decade. While some anti-vaxxers have said the coronavirus pandemic caused them to rethink their beliefs, others have been turning up at anti-lockdown protests across the country, spewing freedom-of-choice rhetoric and filling the hallways of Capitol Hill with unvaccinated children. This, despite vast evidence that existing vaccines are safe and save lives.